Soundings # presents concerts, performances, sound art and expanded lectures, initialised and invited by the “Klanglabor”, happening at the Aula, KHM.
Following is the list of all evenings, beginning with the #000. Further information can be read here and at the Klanglabor. The corresponding image is always one of the most current event.

soundings #004
thursday, april 27th, 2017

Rie Nakajima –
performance of the sound artist in her well-placed and -activated found objects

soundings #003
thursday, january 19th, 2017

John Duncan –
concert with current works, in connection with a workshop

soundings #002
thursday, december 15th, 2016

Jaki Liebezeit and Joseph Suchy
a pulsating, urban shamanism concert


soundings #001
thursday, november, 3rd, 2016

Anton Lukoszevieze –
cello + video, the artist presents own pieces and works by Laurence Crane, Philip Corner and Joseph Kudirka

soundings #000
thursday, october 20th, 2016

performances and electronic music –
works by Bill Dietz, hans w. koch & Dirk Specht, Franziska Windisch