art’s birthday bunker party

Students and teaching staff of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne together with the team kunstgäste and Kulturbunker Mülheim presented an exhibition for the occasion of the 1,000,054 birthday of art. On January 17th, 2017 art’s birthday is celebrated. Defined and arbitrarily set by the french Fluxus artist Robert Filliou in 1963, art’s birthday since then is celebrated worldwide.
This special date and the circumstances surrounding the date, combined with the unusual site for celebrations (the old WW2-bunker in Cologne Mülheim), the setting for exhibition, concert, performances and installations was a challenging one. Build upon a seminar with the same title, under supervision by hans w. koch, Georg Trogemann, Karin Lingnau and Dirk Specht, the students developed a wide range of works and strategies to cope with the situation and site. Starting with fundamental issues of celebrating and presenting their ideas, site-specific (sound-)installations were situated and experimented with in the course of three days at the bunker itself.
Highlight was the last day of exhibition with a party for art’s birthday and the artists themselves.

kunstgäste #5 | art‘s birthday bunker party | 13. – 17. Januar 2017
Exhibiting & performing are Vincent Brinkmann, Esteban Camilo Ferro, Sebastian Jazura, Dandan Liu, Sybella Perry, Fabian Podeszwa, Axel Pulgar, Timm Roller, Luka Lara Charlotte Steffen, Rihards Vitols, Lisa Zielke, Leah-Lilith Heeren, Julia König, Vered Koren, Andreas Niegl, Jiyun Park, Camilo Sandoval, Qimeng Sun and special guests Jonas Bolle, Elektro Body Force, Jay Data

more about the program here.
image: golden poster for the event, Rihards Vitols/Karin Lingnau